We Are Mount Holyoke

Meet our community. See yourself here.

As one student says, “感觉就像世界上的一个样本人口, like little pieces of cities around the globe have migrated onto campus.”

Our community is also surprisingly like-minded — in the best of ways. 我们是好奇的、包容的和鼓励的. Reflective. Expressive. Approachable. We make change.

Meet some of us who call the Mount Holyoke community home. MoHome.


Steph Maldonado

Los Angeles, California

“Residence life has been a big part of creating a home for students and showing them that this is their home away from home.”

Meet Steph

Lupe Antonio Lopez ’23

Lupe Antonio Lopez

Los Angeles, California

“我和一些在读学生在一起过夜. 每个人都很热情. That’s part of the reason I ended up applying to Mount Holyoke.”

Meet Lupe

Aimée Eubanks Davis

Aimée Eubanks Davis ’95

“When I came to Mount Holyoke College, I felt at peace.”

Meet Aimée

Sami Parazin ’23

Sami Parazin

Westwood, Massachusetts

“I really fell in love with the idea of a [women’s college that’s gender diverse] as a safe place. I really liked that there was a place where I didn’t necessarily have to compete with the male population to be heard.”

Meet Sami

Azuna Sawada ’23

Azuna Sawada

Tokyo, Japan

“我觉得我到处都有姐妹. 霍利奥克山大学有很好的关系. 这里的人乐于助人给我留下了深刻的印象.”

Meet Azuna

Tara Roberts ’91

Tara Roberts ’91

“Mount Holyoke was the place where I was really validated as a leader and as someone who had something to contribute.”

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Lucy Anderson ’25

Lucy Anderson

Andover, Minnesota

“I’m getting a good education from Mount Holyoke that’s preparing me academically for whatever I do in the future.”

Meet Lucy

Alyx Burns

Alyxander Burns ’17


"I love the environment of small liberal arts colleges and the opportunity to get to know students.”

Meet Alyx


Mei Fujimori-Henderson

Bremerton, Washington

“Mount Holyoke taught me a lot about how important it is to listen to and work with others.”

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Wil Abam DePass

Wil Abam-DePass

Brooklyn, NY


Meet Wil

Iyana Alleyne ’23

Iyana Alleyne

Bridgetown, Barbados


Meet Iyana

Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith


“I chose Mount Holyoke because it is a liberal arts education where I don't have to sacrifice one [passion] in order to pursue the other.”

Meet Sophia

Michaela Flanders

Michaela Flanders

South Berwick, Maine

“[Mount Holyoke professors] create an environment in which students want to succeed, and they are wonderful role models of who I aspire to be as a professional.”

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Chisato Kimura

Chisato Kimura

Lawrence, Kansas

“[Mount Holyoke has] pushed me to demand justice for others, and they’ve shown me what true advocacy for other communities looks like.”

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Aeisha Thomas

Aiesha Thomas

Bronx, New York

“Mount Holyoke truly made me feel like I was part of the community.”

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Charu Sharma

Charu Sharma ’14


“Mount Holyoke really nurtures you to appreciate your uniqueness.”

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Kelechi Ezeugwu

Kelechi Ezeugwu

Rural Massachusetts


Meet Kelechi

Elena Frogameni

Elena Frogameni

Florence, Massachusetts

“The Rhodes Scholarship feels like a continuation of my time at Mount Holyoke. 我得到了霍利奥克山社区的支持, a community that knew me and valued me as a scholar and a person.”

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Lucas Wilson

Lucas Wilson


“My principal goal is to learn who it is I'm teaching and figure out what they care about, what interests them, and how I can be supportive of them to follow that passion.”

Meet Lucas

Mara Kleinberg

Mara Kleinberg

Brooklyn, New York

“霍利奥克山是一个非常特别的地方. I’ve been able to find true community here through Mount Holyoke jazz vocals, radio and even by working with a local theater company.”

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Amy Shiying Wang ’22

Amy Shiying Wang

Beijing, China

“I chose Mount Holyoke because I heard about this magical place and how nice the people and professors are.”

Meet Amy

Marta Sabariego

Marta Sabariego


“I try to empower my students to know that if they work hard, they can achieve their goals. I try to translate my passion for what I do to them and motivate them to follow their dreams.”

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Paige Osborne

Paige Osborne


“I had a lot of ideas but I didn’t know how to make space for them. I do here. 我变成了一个更真实的自己.”

Meet Paige

Kylie Gellatly

Kylie Gellatly

Cornwall, CT

“Mount Holyoke offers full scholarships, and are proud to have a nontraditional student population.”

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Olivia Aguilar, director of the Miller Worley Center for the Environment and assistant professor at Mount Holyoke, 探讨了气候正义运动与Mic.

Olivia Aguilar


“Environmental and science learning communities can be very exclusive. How they can be more inclusive of groups that are traditionally marginalized?”

Meet Olivia

It was at Mount Holyoke that Alice Capson ’71 recognized the importance of speaking up when something is not right.

Alice Capson ’71

Kansas City Metro, Kansas

“I feel I’m part of the legacy of making sure ‘Mount Holyoke forever shall be’ by strengthening our alum bonds and publicizing the College.”

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Shayn Keiter Massefski

Shayn Keiter-Massefski

Sharon, Massachusetts

“I love how easy it has been for me to make connections and form relationships. I am grateful for those connections, both as friendships and mentorships.”

Meet Shayn

Sommer Byers

Sommer Byers


“Everyone here inspires me to push beyond what I thought possible, question assumptions, envision a better world. 我的同龄人令人敬畏,鼓舞人心.”

Meet Sommer

Allie Brown

Allie Brown

Burlington, Vermont

“At Mount Holyoke, people really want to see you succeed, just like you want to see them succeed.”

Meet Allie

Sarah Stefana Smith

Sarah Stefana Smith


“Mount Holyoke is at the forefront of rethinking a women’s college by including trans students. Historical moments are where amazing coalitions emerge.”

Meet Sarah

受她在霍利奥克山大学的经历影响, Tarana Bhatia ’15 uses her varied volunteer roles to represent, 招募和激励他人.

Tarana Bhatia ’15

Washington, D.C.

“I entered very shy but was taught to think critically and gained confidence. 我所采取的每一个行动都是因为学院塑造了我.”

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Yun-Hsuan “Melody” Su

Yun-Hsuan “Melody” Su


“I’m grateful to my professors who encouraged me and sparked my passion for robotics. 我喜欢现在的角色,激励学生.”

Meet Melody

Muyun (Charlotte) Wang

Muyun (Charlotte) Wang

Yichang, China

“This is the place where I can really let my voice be heard by other people, 让我发现自己作为女人的潜力, and as a woman of color.”

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Luisa Linares

Miami, Florida

“During COVID I felt very lost, like, what do I do now. 没有熟悉的感觉. Going back to a CBL program helped me think back to a time where things weren’t as crazy.”

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Photo by Skylar Hou ’22

Sal Cosmedy

Rye Brook, New York

“我希望未来的学生说, “当我来到霍利奥克山, 我可以在校园里有所作为. 这里有参与的途径和资金.’”

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Alexya Lee ’23 was honored by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts for researching the lives of enslaved people on a school property in Tyngsboro. 帮她完成这个项目? 霍利奥克山学院的校友.

Alexya Lee


“I originally wanted to major in environmental studies but I took a geology course first.”

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Kuzivakwashe Madungwe

Kuzivakwashe Madungwe

Harare, Zimbabwe

“Playing squash challenged me to push myself beyond what I thought I could achieve as an athlete. 整个学生运动员的经历是惊人的.”

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Anh Hoang-Lindsay ’06 credits Mount Holyoke with helping her become a biotech executive. Now she uses the College’s Gates platform to help others.

Anh Hoang-Lindsay ’06

Boston, Massachusetts

“我为学院做志愿者是非常私人的. 这为我提供了很多机会.”

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Ben Gebre-Medhin,社会学助理教授

Benjamin Gebre-Medhin


“Mount Holyoke is one of the places that represents most faithfully and excitingly the liberal arts ethos.”

Meet Benjamin

Skylar Hou

Beijing, China

“To me, 霍利奥克山不仅仅是一个地方, it’s about the people here and the memories we create together.”

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Shanze Hasan

Shanze Hasan

Karachi, Pakistan

“I can confirm that the thing Mount Holyoke students look forward to most on the weekdays — after a never-ending day of classes, 工作和承诺——是M&Cs (milk and cookies).”

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David Hernández

David Hernández


“我非常喜欢教这些学生. 这真的是一次很棒的经历.”

Meet David

Hannah Pozebon

Hannah Pozzebon

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“Every internship I’ve ever gotten has been through the alum network. If students asked me for advice, I would say to really use that. 这对我来说100%有效.”

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Corey Mahlstedt

Cory Mahlstedt

Tolland, Connecticut

“自从我在这里上学以来, 我和各行各业的人都交过朋友, with various interests, talents and passions. People who hold fascinating, diverse narratives to listen to and learn from. Athletes, hippies, artists, political activists, poets, musicians and any other label you may identify as is represented here — there truly isn’t one archetype.”

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Photo by Skylar Hou ’22

Neorgia Grant

Kingston, Jamaica

“Mount Holyoke has helped me understand my self-worth. I’m becoming the student, the woman I’ve always envisioned myself to be.”

Meet Neorgia

Sara Sarmiento ’21

Sara Sarmiento

Miami, Florida

“I’d been doing community service, but everything I cared about socially centered on politics. That’s when I thought I would study international relations.”

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K. J. Lewis ' 22(左)和Naoko Nemoto教授

K. J. Lewis

Pleasantville, New York

“When I mentioned studying in Japan to my Japanese professor, 亚洲研究教授内本直子, 她给了我一张暑期项目的清单.”

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Michelle Serrano (right)

Michelle Serrano (right)

Los Angeles, California

“Mount Holyoke empowers women to be fearless and gives them the tools necessary to achieve their goals in or out of the classroom. The professors are beyond phenomenal and truly care about the success of students.”

Meet our faculty

Morgan Turner

Morgan Turner

Chester, New Jersey

“为了我和我的21个队友, the changing of the seasons is also accompanied by 5-ounce solid plastic balls. 确切地说,是曲棍球.”

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David Sanford

David Sanford

Elizabeth T. 凯南音乐教授


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Madeline Fitzgerald

Madeline Fitzgerald

Hebron, Connecticut

“这里的LGBTQ+人群不止一个类别. There is, no pun intended, 彩虹的每一种颜色:运动员, nerds, partiers and artists are all represented in our thriving community.”

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Jai Pemmaraju (left)

Jai Pemmaraju (left)

Iowa City, Iowa

“I’m part of Asian American Students in Action and we represent the ACE house. Being part of the AASIA has really provided me with a sense of community.”


Marisol Fernandez

Marisol Fernandez

Miami, Florida

“At Mount Holyoke, we have a very philanthropic sense of thinking. We always want to find a way to give back and make things better. 我认为这在其他机构并不常见. Here, the liberal arts give a deeper way of looking at things, but also a wider way. You think of the repercussions, the history, the individual.”

Meet Marisol

Donari Yahzid在2019年桂冠游行上

Donari Yahzid

Atlanta, Georgia

“I knew that if I attended Mount Holyoke, I would be so proud of the person I would become.”

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Tess Tuitoek

Tess Tuitoek

Nairobi, Kenya

“The Shirley Chisholm Living-Learning Community and The Betty Shabazz Center are where I’ve made friends and family for life.”


Virginia Guerra

Virginia Guerra

Miami, Florida

“作为一个来自迈阿密的古巴裔美国人, Florida, I was slightly terrified at the thought of moving to a place that had this concept of ‘negative degrees.’”

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Lexi Lobdell

Lexi Lobdell


“As a first-year student, I was intimidated to suggest that I could conduct an experiment with horses. However, 布林教授对我笑了笑, asked a few questions and informed me that she would talk to Professor Patel at dinner about how Tufts and Mount Holyoke could collaborate to conduct a joint project.”

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Jessie Maier

Jessie Maier

Rahway, New Jersey

“Shoutout to the Office of Spiritual and Religious Life and Jewish Student Union! As a student of faith, it’s important to find support and community during the religious holidays that I can’t celebrate with family.”
Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Initiative award winners (from left) Regina Ye ’18, Kate Meacham ’20, Shay Lahon ’18 and Mariana Jaramillo ’20 pose with their entrepreneurship professor, 里克·费尔德曼(罗西·徐,18岁,不在照片中).


Evansville, Indiana

“The entrepreneurship club is a great place for people to connect who are interested in changing the world by starting their own businesses.”

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Sarah Paust

Sarah Paust

Southeast Florida

“The Outing Club has shown me time and again that the only obstacle standing in my way is my own hesitation.”

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Lisa Garrity

Lisa Garrity

Longmeadow, Massachusetts

“I needed a strong liberal arts academic program that would challenge me and allow me to take a wide range of courses. I needed a supportive environment with small classes that would encourage my introverted self to speak up. I needed Mount Holyoke.”

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Regina Carey

Regina Carey

Belmont, Massachusetts

“A large part of the Mount Holyoke experience is taking advantage of all that the Pioneer Valley — the beautiful region where Mount Holyoke is situated — has to offer.”


Chloe Jensen

Chloe Jensen

Eugene, Oregon

霍利奥克山新闻万岁! 被聪明的人包围, eloquent students who publish great work every week has impacted me in every positive way.”

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Relyn Myrthil

Relyn Myrthil

Miami, Florida

“文艺复兴学校是一个非凡的机会. I get to show other students how amazing art is, how accessible it can be to anyone.”

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